How To Clear A Green Pool Promptly

I am pretty sure that pool owners have already gotten a nightmare with the pool when the pool is unclean, especially the color of water has been changed from the blue to dark green ones.

Skim and Vacuum

The state and the color of the water are the signals of the filthy pools, so you should not swim these pools unless bacteria and other germs are able to visit your body parts freely. To remove the bad state of your pool, you could empty the dirty water immediately, but how to clear a green pool as quickly as you can?

Before starting the cleaning process for your pool, you should realize two main points – that is you need to gear up the filter system and putting the true chemicals. Then, you would follow these step as under.

Phase 1 – Begin the process

Step 1: Check the state of the water

To check the state of the water, you should buy the chemical testing kit firstly. Then, you use this testing kit to check the pH and the chlorine levels in order to control the water in your pool. If the chlorine levels decrease below 1ppm, it could have the algae to grow in your pool and lead the water to be more dark green.

Step 2: Stabilize the chemicals in the pool

When testing the pH levels, you will know that you should add more sodium carbonate or reduce the amount of sodium bisulfate depending on the state of the water. Increase the acid level if you want to take the algae away from the water. To stabilize the pH levels, you should open the pump in order to flow the chemicals as well as the water in the pool.

Step 3: Draw attention to the filter

You will miss out the filter and get much attention to the pool when seeing the green pool. However, the filter of the pool contributes how dirty your pool is as it has the debris, leaves, and sticks, etc.

Therefore, you should clean the filter before putting the chemicals in the water to ensure the filter is empty to continue to run 24 hours per day.

Step 4: Do not forget the bottom and the sides of the pool

The bottom and other sides of the pool are difficult to realize how dirty they are, but you still need to undertake these areas to ensure that you have already cleaned off hard things like the algae by using the pool brush before adding the chemicals to the water.

Phase 2 – clean the pool

Step 1: Use the pool shock

The pool shock has the levels of chlorine to take the algae and bacteria away from your pool promptly. You might put more the pool shock if a number of algae and bacteria increase in order to get out these species of your pool. The water could be dirty and overcast once you put the power shock, but this state will be eliminated in the filter and the water is white again.

Step 2: Do not forget to take care of your pool regularly

One of the biggest reasons of the dirty pool are the filter are soiled. A number of bacteria and algae usually live in the filter that you do not know. So, the best way to prevent this situation is cleaning the filter routinely and your pool will give you a big thank.

Step 3: Use the pool vacuum

To have the double – check cleaning process, you should also use the pool vacuum or the best robotic pool cleaner for fiberglass pool to diminish the debris, the algae, and bacteria in every side of the pool.

If the vacuum could not absorb the debris and the algae in some small corner of the walls, then you could take the brush to help you do it.

On the flip side, you should take time to read the best automatic pool cleaner reviews to recognize the quality of it as well as preparing for new purchases in the upcoming time.

Phase 3 – Close the cleaning process

Step 1: Observe the filter

Once you have already cleaned the filter, you should observe the filter to check it. Make sure the debris, dead algae, and bacteria do not have the opportunity to live in the filer anymore. If not yet, then you would use the pool shock again.

Step 2: Check the chemical levels again before jumping into the pool

Now, you are very excited to swim in your pool as you think that the pool is washed carefully. Hold on, you should postpone doing this activity in a short period of time.

You may wonder “why will you have to test the chemical levels again?” The question is you should ensure the pH and the chlorine levels are in stable span before jumping into the pool.

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Now, it is time to dive into your pool again. To be free on swimming your pool, you should undertake some daunting tasks beforehand. It is not tricky than you may think, but it requires you should be careful and hard – working to solve this issue completely. Continue to love your swimming pool again is not a bad choice.

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