8 Tips For Keeping Your Pool Available All The Time

When the swim season closes, you might want to clean it, especially in the winter. Nonetheless, if you need to open the pools all of the seasons, then you should have the solutions to keep your pool always open, best automatic pool cleaner for above ground pools is an example. Here are eight secret tips for keeping your pools available around the years.

swimming pool

Use the solar energy

In the cold season, temperature becomes a nightmare for your pool to keep water is lukewarm and it could not turn into ice.

One of the greatest solution to keep it warm is use the solar energy, but where does the solar source come from? The answer is the solar sheets. These panels could absorb the heat even if we do not see the sun in the winter.

Build a pool heater

You are able to make a pool heater and enjoy swimming during the winter time is another excellent way to try.

The major disadvantage of this solution is you will have several bills because the pool heater needs to use the electricity regularly.

Avoid the state of unwashed

Whether you use the pool or not in the winter or summer season, you should retain the pool hygienic by washing it frequently.

The dirt, debris, and dust always exist in the water on your pool even if no one swim especially in the autumn, the leaves could appear outside in the pool and make it clean again.

These leaves are able to block all of the pipes in the pool and dirty water could not flow out of the pool.

On the flip side, the fall and summer season is the peak time to wipe the pool, but the winter season also needs to do this job to keep it clean in the spring, too.

Some pool owner might think of a robotic cleaner, and they would find the best electric robotic pool cleaner in this task.

Check water on the pool automatically

Why do you need to check the quality of water all the time? Because bacteria and algae continue to develop in water whereas you do not swim in the winter.

Thus, you should control the pH levels and check the chlorine levels to keep these levels fluctuate in suitable scales no matter how the weather is.

Do not forget to use the pump

To keep water clean all the time, you should open the pump as it helps water washed, and it also prevents the freezing state in the cold season.

Therefore, you need to open the pump daily to keep the quality of water ranges in great scale whether you use it or not.

Insert the freeze protection

The freeze protection is a monitor to test and handle the outside temperature and automatically run the pump when the winter comes.

Furthermore, you could get the freeze protection while running the pump, and you do not concern about the temperature in the cold season.

Deal with the lack of energy

The lack of electricity in the cold weather could be another nightmare for those who have the swimming pool in their houses if they want to open the pump and the heat all the time.

If the electricity loss, you should release the drain plugs on the pump, the heater, and the filter. Then, you need to close the breaker to prevent the potential accident when the electricity is opened again.

Do not forget to close the line valves and unlock the air bleeder on the pool to wait for the power. When the electricity is opened, you need to remove the plugs and switch on the pump again. You should check the damage and water leaking while starting the pump.

Block the pool if you could not control it smoothly during the winter time

You do not buy the freeze protection, check the quality of water or a pool heater, then the last solution for you is close the pool in the winter.

We completely know the blue water is very amazing when observing the color of the pool, but it could be an actual issue if you do not have enough time, budget and ability to handle it.

In this situation, you should prepare to close the pool by blocking the pump system and open the pipes to get water out of the pool. Then, you will wait for the spring season to come back the pool again.


Open or close your pool in the winter season is your own option, it does not mean a good or bad idea. You also might ask the advice from the pool dealer or other experienced pool owners in your region before making your own decision. If you agree to open it during the cold time, then could consider and follow above tips to protect the pool.

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